Outpatient Treatment Program

What is an Outpatient Treatment Program?

Outpatient treatment programs are less intense methods of treatment to address addiction and emotional recovery.

Outpatient groups allow clients to continue their daily routine as they normally would and receive treatment in a more discrete manner.

Client’s benefit from understanding the science and causes of their addiction or mental health condition. Outpatient therapy is geared for those who are attempting to maintain sobriety, prevent a relapse, or receive psychoeducation regarding the stages of alcoholism addiction and management of emotional stressors associated with abuse and addiction.

Outpatient recovery support groups allow clients the opportunity to deal with ongoing problems they may experience. There are many benefits of receiving outpatient counseling including but not limited to, convenient treatment, cost effective recovery, personalized care, support from others and long-term results.

What to Expect From an OP Session?

During outpatient treatment, clients can expect to receive educational services to help them understand the disease concept of the addiction model, post-acute withdrawal symptoms, stages of change using the transtheoretical model, and emotional undercurrents.

The possibility of certain lifestyle changes, dietary changes, and other methods of recovery care may be recommended.

Our outpatient treatment programs typically involve individual counseling, group therapy, educational services, and recovery support groups.

Group therapy involves meeting with other people that are also struggling with similar issues directly or indirectly associated with alcohol addiction, or drug addiction.

For our clients that are in an outpatient program, they may meet once or twice a week for group and individual therapy,

Outpatient Groups are offered TUES 6:00 pm-7:30 pm or THURS 10:00 am- 11:30 am.

Individual counseling is offered at a minimum of 1 hour per week.

Outpatient Treatment Program
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How to Schedule Intake and Assessment Appointments

Your first step is to call us to schedule your initial appointment.

Most clients receive same-day assessments.

At the time you call to schedule your intake appointment, you will need to have insurance information available as well as complete admission and screening documents. Clients will be given a link (email) to privately complete the requested paperwork. Our staff is prepared to help you navigate this process.

If you are unable to complete admission documents virtually you do have the option to come in person. Once you complete the forms, you will be assigned a therapist to complete your assessment and determine the best level of care.

The assessment session provides an opportunity for you to build rapport with the therapist and provide them with some background information about yourself and the reasons you are seeking services. In addition, the counselor will be able to answer your questions regarding assessment recommendations, services, confidentiality, and what to expect in therapy.

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