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Sadigoh Galloway

Executive Director, LICDC-CS LSW

Sadigoh Galloway is a licensed social worker and an independently licensed chemical dependency counselor with a supervisory endorsement. She has spent the last ten years working with numerous Cleveland drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, both residential and outpatient, in various roles, ranging from counseling all the way to executive staff positions. Her professional experience includes all facets of leadership roles including, creating the guiding policies, ensuring strict adherence to all prevalent regulations, and managing daily programs. In addition, she has been involved in strategic planning for the growth and vision of any facility that has had the privilege to work with her.

Sadigoh’s professionalism and work ethic make her a natural leader. She is passionate about creating a program that is constantly evolving and improving with the most up to date treatment options available. Sadigoh regularly presents workshops and presentations on various topics, within the addiction treatment field, to her peers and colleagues. She is currently working towards her Doctorate of Organized Leadership and Management.

Reverend Valerie J Scott

LICDC-CS Clinical Supervisor

The Reverend brings nearly four decades of experience as a licensed chemical dependency professional. She has worked in various counties thorough-out Northeastern Ohio servicing a diverse population. She has treated all genders and age groups, in both outpatient and residential settings including clients with dual diagnosis. Her positions over the years have covered every aspect of treatment, counseling, supervising, and training. She has been responsible to oversee regulatory compliance of all major accreditors including OHMAS, ADAMHB, JCAHO and CARF, for various providers.

Val masterfully combines multiple evidence-based treatment modules including CBT, Empowerment Theory, Reality Therapy and many more to create a curriculum that is paradoxically rigid in its clinical foundation and versatile to meet the individual needs of her clients and treat their drug and alcohol addiction. She was a member of OAADAC for 20 years, was Counselor of the Year Award Nominee in 1993 and served as their president as well. In 2008 she received Spirit of Service Award, Catholic Charities and 2010 Directors Award Nominee, Catholic Charities. She also is the recipient of the 2016 Community Builders Award from the City of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County Commissioners.

Valerie Scott Asurgent Health employee

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